Easton Vice Riser Handlebar


Easton's Vice Handlebar is the big kid on the block. With a 711mm width, park and dirt-jump riders will hanker for the Vice and all the added control that extra leverage provides. But given its bargain sticker and relatively low weight, the Vice also makes sense for all-mountain riders who earn their gravity fed runs the hard way. Even if you're a trail rider who frequents mostly fast, wide-open terrain, not tight trees, you could appreciate the big sweep of the Vice Handlebar.

The Vice is made using Easton's TaperWall system. In simple terms, TaperWall is like butting tubes on a frame, where joints and junctions, such as where the stem clamps to the bar, are reinforced. This makes it strong and stiff where it needs to be, and less material is used towards the grip ends of the bar. The advantage is weight loss as well as some desirable flex that will reduce hand fatigue.

The Easton Vice Handlebar is made of aluminum. It comes in either a low (20mm) or mid (30mm) rise and features a 9 degree backsweep and 5 degree upsweep. The clamp diameter is 31.8mm. The Vice Handlebar comes with a scratch-resistant, Black anodized finish.